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Rats - downloadable book for first graders to learn from independently


These are the pages for making the independent-reading book "Rats." The child reads the book, using the pictures as clues. Then the pictures are covered by folding the paper over them, right to left, and the child reads the book without the picture clues. (Vowel sounds or vowel rules should not be taught. They only confuse.)

To print a page from the Web, use CTRL-P. Then use Preferences and Page Setup to locate Landscape. Pages should be printed in Landscape on top-quality stock. Staple the pages together along the left-hand edge.

Cover page

Rat takes a bath.

Rats eat watermelon.

Rat roller skates.

Rat rings a bell.

Rat reads a book.

Rat plays soccer.

Rat plays drums.

Rat plays a piano.

Rat plays a guitar.

Rat likes strawberries.

Rat knits a sock.

Rat holds a lobster.

Rat holds balloons.

Japanese rat drinks tea.

Rat washes the floor.

Rat watchs tv.

Rat wears a big coat.

Rat wears a big hat.

Rat works in a lab.

Rat climbs a tree.

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