High Notes, Medium Notes, Low Notes

#1. Using home-made musical instruments provided by the teacher, the child makes a booklet entitled "High Notes, Medium Notes, Low Notes." On each page, an illustration of the musical instrument is labeled "high," "medium," or "low."
coffee can with plastic lid - stuck on top with eraser end of a pencil
kitchen spoon(s) suspended by string, struck with a pencil
Quaker Oats boxes with lid - struck on top with eraser end of a pencil
assorted glass bottles (no cap), struck on the shoulder or side with the shaft of a pencil
large plastic bottle (vinegar, soap) (no cap), struck on the bottom with the eraser end of a pencil
#2. If each instrument is labeled (A, B, C . . .), the child can arrange them high to low and then make a chart of the results.

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