Materials Under Magnification

A magnifying glass is laid out, along with six or seven objects - a sponge, a paper towel, a glove, a piece of paper, a piece of cloth, sand, soil, salt, leaf, sugar, rock, dead insect, etc. Each object is inspected under the magnifying glass. A picture is made of each on a separate page, and a booklet is made of the results. (Magnification sets are available on eBay. Search for magnifier or magnifying or loupe.)

Here are some other sets of objects to study under magnification, each set suitable for recording in a booklet:
scraps of cloth
dead insects (from a parent's collection?)
leaves from different types of trees, bushes, and house plants
different types of rocks
different types of paper
different types of bark
skin of various fruits
parts of the hand - fingertip, palm, crease at joint, fingernail
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