What Conducts Electricity?

A testing set, made up by the teacher, is needed for this experiment:
- two D-size batteries
- a flashlight bulb
- wire
- alligator clips
- soldering iron and solder
A wire connects the two batteries so that they are in series, that is, the positive pole of one connects to the negative pole of the other. A wire is soldered to one end of the batteries, and another wire is soldered to the other end of the batteries. On one side, the flashlight bulb is placed, soldering the wire to the screw-in part. Another wire is soldered to the bottom of the bulb. An alligator clip is soldered to the outside end of each wire to complete the circuit.

By clipping the alligator clips to two sides of various objects (iron objects from hardware store, such as nails, cloth, pennies, nickles, dimes, scissors, etc.) children can discover which materials are good conductors.

A booklet illustrating the setup and showing the conductivity of various materials completes the project.

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