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Teachers grades 5-12: willing to try out my reading comprehension tests?

Test Directions

Classroom teachers as well as substitute teachers might find some useful suggestions in my page for substitute teachers:

A Packet for Substitute Teachers

Site for first-grade teachers:

Teaching First Grade - A Good Year

Site for sixth-grade teachers:

Teaching Sixth Grade - A Good Year

Site for classroom teachers:

Students Can Learn On Their Own

Try out my home hygiene site You Should Have Told Me - Home Hygiene and Home Routines. There are a few choice suggestions in it that you might want to use every day!

Health enthusiasts might be interested in my site recommending (not generally known) daily health habits:

Health Tips: How to Prevent Hemorrhoids, Bladder Infections, and Heartburn (for a start)

Atheists might be interested in my site for atheists:

Depression, Anxiety, and Worry - What Can an Atheist (or anyone else) Do About Them

Pestered by unwanted thoughts and feelings? Try these:

Mindful Breathing Overrides Suffering

Bad Habits of Mind

Diet without dieting - a new approach:

The Sherlock Holmes Diet - Losing Weight Naturally by Knowing How to Eat

Problems with your adult children?

Impossible Daughter-in-law

Daily Reading Comprehension Quizzes:

Reading Quizzes

Interlinear poems:

Famous Poems and Shakespeare Dramas with line-by-line interpretations

Letter from school shooter (fictional):

Why I Hate School

Photos on Flickr:

Family photos, travel photos

Videos on YouTube:

Tips on Using the Toilet

How to Wash a Patient's Hair in Bed

Schubert's Serenade Opus 90 No. 11 - piano four hands

Brahms' Hungarian Dance No. 11 - piano four hands

The Land of Sedona

Traumerei by Robert Schumann - piano four hands

Grieg's Anitra's Dance - piano four hands

Hungarian Dance #7 by Johannes Brahms - piano four hands

Tips on Taking a Shower

Tips on Cleaning the Kitchen Floor

The Land We Live On - How It Got to Be That Way

Norwegian Dance No. 2 by Edvard Grieg - piano four hands

Help with Foot/Leg Cramps and Insomnia

How to Repair Chipped China

Tips on Shaving (and on cutting nose hairs)

How to tie up a box for storage

Liebeslieder 1 Opus 52a by Brahms - piano four hands

Sonatina by Carl Maria von Weber - piano, four hands

Piano Lesson - Come Fly With Me

Hungarian Dance No. 17 by Johannes Brahms - piano four hands

Tips on Caring for your Teeth

Kitchen Tips

Dealing with a Sore Gum

No ruler handy? Use body measurements.

More Kitchen Tips

Hamlet's Soliloquy "To be or not to be"

More Household Tips

One Way to Create a Video and to Edit It

New Household Tips

A Picture Book of Present-Day Superstitions

Create/Install Your Own Cellphone Alarm

Use of the Hands in Meditation

Dealing with a Sore Gum - Part 2

Using a Large-Screen TV as Chroma Key Background

Carl and Bob Visit Cunningham Falls

The Lake by Leon d'Ourville - piano four hands

Margaret's Kitchen

Lolli and Poppy Leave Home

Even More Household Tips

Piano Lesson - The Importance of Observing Rest Marks in Piano Pieces

Part 1 - A Play-By-Ear Repertoire of Songs for Piano Beginners Part 1

Part 2 - A Play-By-Ear Repertoire of Songs for Piano Beginners Part 2

Part 3 - Songs You Can Play By Ear Part 3

Getting Piano Scores to Lie Flat

Trip to Connecticut and Massachusetts May, 2011

Carl and Jodi's house and garden in Connecticut. Grave stones in Worcester.